61 Sea Princess Tips


Jan 11, 2018

Your joining a ship full of strangers and the chances are high that you will come away with a couple of new friends. Be patient when disembarking with tenders, there ware lots of things that had to be done to make the transition to shore safe for you. If the Captain cancels something it is always done with the safety of the passengers for most. Take Captain would make regular announcements keeping you up to date with activities and problems, most of all enjoy the experience!


Oct 30, 2018

Wouldn't do speciality restaurants not good value, but the pizzeria was great


Feb 04, 2019

I found that on the Sea princess they have usb ports on bedlight to charge your accessories. Which I havrnt seen on other princess ships.


Sep 30, 2019

Go with an open mind ready to meet new people and experience new things


Dec 19, 2011

I wouldn't spend extra money for dining in the Crown Grill Specialty Restaurant. The restaurant is in the buffet area which is partitioned off for dinner. Service was lacking and not worth the money.


Sep 22, 2020

Don't get your hopes up on getting into the fjordlands as weather may stop it happening


Apr 21, 2017

Don't buy the drinks package before boarding. Bead cheaper on first day and well worth it?


May 01, 2017

Drinks package great value for us and dirty banana has to be tried,... yum


Sep 28, 2017

Make sure you do not have service access next to your cabin.


Oct 06, 2017

Lifts can be frustrating at times


Oct 11, 2017

I wouldnt like to do a long trip on this ship with kids, not enough kids activities to keep them occupied and the kids areas are very old and outdated


Oct 12, 2017

Take your own puzzles and books


Oct 23, 2017

If your familiar with the places your visiting, do your own tours , sometimes you didnt get to see what you would of liked to, but thats not the ships fault at all. Make the most of your time on board. you may never get the opportunity again.


Mar 16, 2018

The stairs & lifts aft of the ship only go down to floor 7.


Mar 19, 2018

Sea Princess is a terrific size to get around.. Not too big..

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