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Apr 11, 2011

-Buffet- head straight to the back and make a right... you can sit in the Italian restaurant where they have an extra beverage station set up.. it's not as crowded. -When getting tender tickets for Great Stirrup Cay, get down there early as the line wraps around the ship.


Jul 14, 2011

Join the spa! For ~$115 you get unlimited spa access for the week on the GEM. Well worth it, especially if you're looking for a more relaxing time (the pool decks are always packed with kids and roudy adults, while the spa has a very large jetted-pool and hot-tubs).


Oct 12, 2011

Get up early to enjoy it all...plus make sure that anything you want to participate in you must get there at least 30 minutes early to get a good seat


Feb 01, 2012

Buffet: head to the aft and turn right for extra seating and for your coffee and drinks Duty Free Shop: Get there 10 minutes before it opens. It's a mad rush like a K-Mart blue light special! Dinner reservations: Make them asap! Specialty restaurants sell out quick


Feb 16, 2012

From MeetOnCruise iPhone App: Very chill ship


Jun 04, 2012

*** buffet breakfast MY FAVORITE


Jun 05, 2012

Visit Cagney's Steakhouse at least once....it was delicious!


Oct 08, 2012

If you order a bucket of beer, it's buy 5 get 1 free. The "free" beer ends up making them a much more reasonable price each.


Feb 06, 2013

Go to the nightly shows. They are spectacular. Late night entertainment is a must. Try tennis on the sport court.

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Feb 26, 2013

The Grand Pacific was a nice free restaurant. Ask for the more private section if you want to talk. The Garden Cafe buffet was perfectly acceptable. Dine in or bring a plate back to your suite. Le Bistro has a cover charge - ask for a more private section on dress up day and your elegance will be enhanced. Cagney’s was a nice breakfast/lunch amenity when you sign up for a special suite. Eat in or order out.

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Mar 07, 2013

Go to Blue Lagoon,Breakfast good service great. magenta for dinner After dinner Blue Lagoon for desert. Happy hour perfect.

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