1085 Norwegian Dawn Tips


Jul 10, 2014

We liked the food at the Blue Lagoon. The wings and burgers were great. Breakfast there was also good.


Jul 17, 2014

The restaurants were much better than the buffet. The best place for lunch was the blue lagoon which was a sit down style place open 24 hours.


Jul 24, 2014

Eat lunch or breakfast on deck 8 at the 24 hour restaurant for amore relaxed meal.


Jul 24, 2014

make a reservation for dinner you wont have to wait


Aug 01, 2014

Don't eat at the specialty restaurants, the food and service is just as good at the "free style" dining rooms. Make sure you take chairs & umbrellas on the cruise as a lot of the beaches don't offer chairs or umbrellas for rent and if they do, it's VERY EXPENSIVE.


Aug 07, 2014

The only thing that we would like to see changed about this ship is the Blue Lagoon Dining. When we were on the ship the last time you were able to order off the menu 24 hours a day and now you can only order off the menu until 10pm and then it becomes a buffet. but other then that. EXCELLENT.


Aug 10, 2014

Get pool chairs early and quickly!


Aug 14, 2014

Don't forget your towels when going to the pool, if you ask for more there is a $25 deposit on them! Also, good luck trying to find a deck chair as (even though it is forbidden) people throw towels on chairs early in the AM and most never come back to use the chair.


Aug 21, 2014

If your looking for a late night snack, the buffet was very good!


Aug 27, 2014

Get up early as you will have trouble getting a deck chair on sea days. Mind you, early is 8:30, not 6:30!


Aug 28, 2014

Don't need the excursions. The island is perfect for ' on your own' travel


Sep 04, 2014

Leaving out of Boston is convenient but would rather have tried the Breakaway out of New York to Bermuda or Celebrity or Royal Caribbean out of New Jersey to Bermuda.


Sep 04, 2014

Plan your dinners to be early in order to see the shows


Sep 11, 2014

watch the casiono odds if you are a foxswood frequenter..odds are a bit different.


Sep 18, 2014

just have a good time and enjoy all the amentities they offer


Sep 18, 2014

Breakfast at the Blue Lagoon. Choice of buffet or made to order eggs. Far less confusing than garden café. Coffee and juice are served. No running around for refills.


Sep 24, 2014

Go to sit down venue options for breakfast (Venetian, café in atrium), the Garden Villa is mobbed and there is no where to sit.


Sep 25, 2014

Cagney's for lunches and breakfast. Cagney's and La Cachina for specialty dining. Venetian for complimentary dining.

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