1085 Norwegian Dawn Tips


May 26, 2015

I like the smaller ships for you don't get overwhelmed as with the bigger vessels. It's a more personal and relaxing atmosphere.


Apr 03, 2015

Staterooms were too small and cramped, but overall it was comfortable. Free room service for breakfast was a great option.


May 18, 2015

Get to know the layout of the ship on your first day at sea. It will help you plan your activities.


Jun 10, 2013

Plan your shopping in Bermuda around the fact that most places are closed on Sunday.


Apr 10, 2013

Make your reservations for the week first thing or else you will get stuck with bad dinner times the entire week.


Mar 07, 2013

See Maria and Jocka if you have a chance. Wonderful "Cirque" type show.


Aug 01, 2013

Bring a water bottle for water,iced tea,coffee,etc.


Jan 17, 2014

Go to the upper decks for a better chance at getting deck chairs. I slept kind of late on most days (like 10/11am) and didn't have too much trouble getting deck chairs up on the higher decks. If you are an earlier riser then you can easily find one with a good view up on high! Higher is less noisy!


Jan 15, 2014

The Garden Cafe is good for breakfast as long as you have patience. The omelet station is great. If you are health conscious then ask them to spray the pan for your omelet rather than use the oil that they ladle into the pan.


Jul 31, 2014

Get up early, before 8 or 9am and the pool deck is virtually empty. All the kids sleep in after partying all night. It's then best time to use the hot tub and the pool. At 6 am, I had the entire pool deck to myself. Like it was my ship alone. Best time to get a sun chair too.


Aug 08, 2014

If you go to the 4th deck and make your way to the back of the ship you can get some excellent pictures!


Aug 14, 2014

Timing is everything!! Get your deck lounge chair early on sea days, only book in the dining room if your prepared to waste 3 hours, the main buffet is great but watch your time as it can get crowded quickly and the pools are salt water not chlorine!! Prepare for the SUN, sunscreen is not optional!!


Sep 22, 2014

Reservations will save you time in the main dining rooms!


Sep 25, 2014

Bring hair conditioner. Shampoo is provided.


Oct 02, 2014

Enjoyed breakfast as well as dinner in the dining room


Jan 14, 2015

Don't pay extra for a mini suite, they were not roomy enough. The buffets were better than on most other Ships in the same class


Jan 07, 2015

Reservations for restaurants will save you time! No need to bring hair dryer because there is one in the staterooms. Plenty of towels in bathroom as well as pool beach towels given to you at the pool.


Mar 14, 2013

If you want a chair up on topside deck you need to get out early in the morning and claim them. There is not enough for all the people that want to be there.


Mar 27, 2013

Bring walkie talkies if you go with a group or family

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