1596 Norwegian Breakaway Tips


May 30, 2013

Use decks 6, 7 & 8 to get to the front and back of the ship, then use the elevators to get to your stateroom instead of using the narrow hallways.


Dec 10, 2014

book shows early. eat every meal in the rest rants . never a wait there. join the spa and use there pool and hot tubs..


Dec 10, 2014

Keep your map of the ship with you, it's easy to get lost. All the elevators have a list of places you are looking for and their floor number, we used this often.


Jul 28, 2013

Make reservations the first day on the ship for your shows and dining if you want to experience them. They sell out very fast. Our cruise was not even full capacity.


Jul 06, 2013

On board Brazilian steak house is definitely something you want experience !


Jul 13, 2013

If your sailing on the Breakaway to Bermuda don't waste your money on a port side cabin because the ship actually docks starboard side. Would have been nice to know this in advance.


Jul 30, 2013

Garden Cafe was great! Food was always good and they have the best ice-cream


Aug 10, 2013

Make sure you you make reservations for dinner and shows as soon as possible.


Aug 31, 2013

To get around the ship use the stairs. It is much quicker as some use the elevators for one deck. At port the elevators become overcrowded and the wait can be long.


Oct 05, 2013

To ensure finishing dinner in time to attend a scheduled show, make a reservation at even the complimentary diningrooms.


Oct 13, 2013

be sure to try breakfast delivered to your room. Don't hold back on having fun with the many activities.


Oct 27, 2013

If you drink soft drinks/soda or bottled water, be sure to bring it with you otherwise you pay restaurant prices on the ship per glass.


Dec 18, 2013

O'SHeehan's for breakfast. Table service, food cooked to order and avoid the chaos of the Garden Buffet.


Dec 28, 2013

the show rock of ages is a must better than broadway


Jan 03, 2014

The Garden Cafe is a ZOO at breakfast, and often at lunch. Make sure you like small children and want to be with hundreds of them, on a confined vessel. Note there are FEW public areas to just relax and talk because public spaces like on other ships are now money making venues!


Nov 02, 2013

Plenty of lounge sun spots. If you want to be by pool, like all ship get there early. But, plenty of acceptable places. Unique was fireworks one night (though only 10 minutes, tops).


Oct 07, 2013

Try Deck 16...the best breakfast if you don't mine being a little warm. The venue is open and not air conditioned.


Jan 12, 2014

Plan the time for the shows and reservations for dinner. If you want to avoid waiting in line at the restaurants, make reservations as soon as you get to the ship even those included in your package. They get full quickly - specially times between 6 and 8 p.m.


Jan 25, 2014

Dine in Garden Café for breakfast early, best seating availability.


Jan 23, 2014

Breakaway you are the most beautiful giant ship in all its glory !

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