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Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery is where you will find professional photographs of your experiences onboard. Enjoy an innovative digital experience of selecting your favorite photos on ipads and k... ioks. In addition, purchase the latest in cameras and accessories. more

2 Reviews

1 out of 5

by thomastx on August 04, 2018

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We sat for a lot of photos. We wanted to see our photos. We wanted to buy our photos. The Photo Gallery couldn't find our photos. Even though we gave them our room number every time, when we went... to view our photos, they only had three. We sat for dozens. They told us we could search through all photos, when meant going through every day, location, hour by hour. We don't recall where we were for all of the photo opportunities, meaning we would have to search through at least half of every photo that they took. We abandoned this endeavor after 10 minutes, after only managing to find about 5 additional photos. We considered going back and searching further, and finally decided to just buy some of those that we had already found. But on the last two days of our voyage, we could never find the photo gallery actually open, even though staff were there. We asked if we could purchase, and even though they were there, they claimed we had to wait until Thursday (which was the day AFTER we disembarked). They didn't actually seem to want to sell their overpriced photos after all, and we had to leave with none. Read More Read Full Review

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The Collection Art Gallery

Original works of art by a wide range of well-known artists are on display and can be purchased.

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The Marketplace

The Marketplace provides excellent retail therapy for all our guests. From simple sundries to elegant designer duds, we''ve got your shopping list covered.

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Tides Boutique

A few steps, you’ll find The Tides… experience the latest trends in fashion jewelry, fun accessories, and handbags. The Tides Boutique has your favorite looks from Nautica, USPA... and Quick Silver. Women’s apparel is definitely “head-turning” fashion from Guess, Roxy and more. more

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Tradewinds Tax & Duty-Free

A variety of shops offer tax and duty-free goods like fine liquors, tobacco, fragrances, and much more.

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