Tradewinds Tax & Duty-Free on Norwegian Breakaway

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A variety of shops offer tax and duty-free goods like fine liquors, tobacco, fragrances, and much more.

3 Tradewinds Tax & Duty-Free Reviews


by mdm1106

very few drugstore type items like sunscreen, advil. has many more luxury items

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by SeeAllTheSights

Great selection of jewelry, sunglasses, purses, clothing, and whatever else you may need!

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by wedezrvthis

Of course it's overpriced and some of the normal sales tactics and pressure to buy is included in this section. No we did not purchase the extremely overpriced $200 photo package. If you bought just one, that's $20...crazy! The last day before debarkation we did buy one small item. Went home and Googled the item. Surprisingly it was not marked up 1000%, as is usual for any cruise ship to do. Item was priced exactly as it is shown on the manufacturer's website, so we felt good about that (did not get ripped off).

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