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Aqua Park

Seventeen decks above the sea, wind in your hair, sun on your back, ocean views all around, and before you – a stellar selection of liquid delights: five multi-story water slides, two swimming pools, four hot tubs...more water than ever before. It’s a proverbial smorgasbord of aquatic opportunities.

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5 out of 5

by larmzr on March 08, 2018

WOW these slides are fast!! We did them all on the day we were in Florida - and they did not disappoint!

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4 out of 5 (1 Review)

Free Fall

Take the plunge on Free Fall and drop at the speed of 4Gs.

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4 out of 5

by phaedrusnyc on December 10, 2017

Fun! But the public fat shaming and surly attendants I could live without.

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The Pool is the perfect place to take a refreshing dip or relax in whirlpool ls with friends. Expansive, retractable glass roof ensures year-round enjoyment.

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4 out of 5

by kathatzi2 on April 03, 2018

The only good thing about this ship was that the pools had adult only sections that they strictly enforced. So it was nice to not have crazy splashing kids swarming the pools like crazy like they norm... Read More

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Public Sundeck

Bask in the sun, dip your toes in the water and take it easy at any of the pools or hot tubs.

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4 out of 5

by phaedrusnyc on December 10, 2017

Not nearly as crowded as I had been told, but I am sure that depends on how full the ship is.

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The Slide is three multi-story water slides including the the 200-foot Epic Plunge, the only bowl slide at sea.

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The Haven Private Sundeck

Your enclave awaits. Settle into your luxurious suite with a large balcony. Enjoy the privacy of The Haven Courtyard with two levels of private beach club ambiance and a private pool. And call upon your certified butler anytime - day or night.

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The Whip

Feel the rush of The Whip, two racing side-by-side twister slides that are wet and wild.

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Vibe Beach Club

Guests will jump for joy upon discovering this private retreat where they can connect with the ocean – and disconnect from everything else. Exclusively for those 18 and over, Vibe Beach Club is resplendent with ocean views, an over-sized hot tub, chaise loungers and a relaxing water feature - idea for relaxation. A full-service bar, water spritzers, chilled towels and skewers of fruit ease you even more into serenity. A limited number of passes will be available for purchase on-board at the Guest Service Desk.

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Relax and unwind, in a whirlpool spa, with jets providing a pleasant massage.

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by eghost on May 01, 2018

Spice H2O is an adults only venue during the day offering 2 hot tubs and plenty of places to sit at the rear of the ship.
3 out of 5

by phaedrusnyc on December 10, 2017

I assume they mean the hot tubs? They were not much warmer than the pool, tbh, so not very useful on a winter sailing.

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