The Slide is three multi-story water slides including the the 200-foot Epic Plunge, the only bowl slide at sea.

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by SeeAllTheSights

We had a lot of fun going down the slides! There was a smaller, slower slide, 2 whip (twisty, tube) slides, and 2 drop slides.

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by captainba

These slides are huge and fun. Only problem was they were closed a lot.

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by thomastx

My 10-year old briefly found slides open the day after embarkation, but said they were disappointing. For the next 8 days, we never once found the slides open again, even though the weather was warm and sunny. It seems like a waste of investment to build and advertise, just to never open them. Apparently they were briefly open while in port for those who stayed on ship, but for those who actually go out in port, you never get a chance to use them.

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