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Nov 01, 2014

get to the deck early if you want prime seating by the pool area

Nov 10, 2014

Don't miss the soft serve ice cream machines in Windjammer and on the pool deck.

Nov 26, 2014

I would suggest trying the stand up surfing. I had never done it and that made for a few hours of fun on the trip. The lines can get long so try to go the first day before people start to line up. Dining room lunch was the best meal so I would suggest trying that.

Dec 04, 2014

you need to get there very early if you are going to do any of the trivia activities, lounge they hold that in is pretty small and those are packed!

Nov 29, 2014

If you can handle your own bags (pack light), when you dis-embark on your return to Galveston, rather than the baggage assist program, you can get off the ship a lot sooner. You must be able to navigate some stairs with your bags.

Jan 14, 2015

Take advantage of the nightly shows very entertaining and great service.

Mar 05, 2015

Take pictures of every silly thing on the first few days, and likely some of those pictures will be ones you need for the scavenger hunt (you only have 15 minutes to get 18 pictures so clearly they expect you to pull from previous shots). Room service was poor- ok if you like getting surprised!

May 14, 2015

Really enjoyed the little cafe at the Promenade.....oatmeal cookies were awesome with a cup of hot coffee. Please do not try to exit the ship until your letter group is called! We had hundreds of people coming early and ended up backing up elevators and halls and slowed the process for everyone!

Jun 01, 2015

this particular ship is large and is at the limit for size and the ability of the ship to provide a truly special cruise experience...too many people made it very difficult to partake in ships activities. It was just to crowded to take part in things.

Sep 24, 2015

Order as much as u want in the dining room. It is also open for breakfast and lunch although we didn't find that out until the last couple days .

Mar 31, 2016


Mar 30, 2016

The Port Everglades cruise terminal is a short taxi ride from FLL airport, cost $20 with tip.

Apr 21, 2016

Don't miss the FloRider. It's great fun to watch and entertaining in itself. Don't forget the Sunscreen!

Jul 01, 2016

Whoever maneuvered the ship is a 5 star navigator .

Jan 02, 2018

It's not the newest ship or the grandest, but geez it's a cruise, have fun!

Jan 29, 2018

There are so many things to do and keep you busy. Take the opportunity to watch it dock. The sideways docking was impressive!

Jan 30, 2018

Don't hurry to board let the crowd dwindle. Take some time to explore the ship. Book excursions asap , they fill up quick, maybe only do one excursion so you have time to see the towns and relax. Take your time, relax, slow down and Enjoy

Apr 15, 2018

Loved everything about the ship!!!

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