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Nov 02, 2014

Grab the Hidden Mickey Book and challenge your family to see who can spot the most!

Jan 24, 2014

Get on the ship as early as possible for the lunch buffet, then tour the ship to see the incredible kids, teens, and adult areas. It's the best time for the whole party to see everything. Do not miss the shows!

Dec 13, 2013

Do Royal Court for a nice quiet breakfast....same food as buffet, but fresher

Mar 06, 2017

you have to insert your Key to the World (KTTW) card into the slot / holder at the entryway of the of cabin to activate the lights and power. An easy hack for this is to use an old hotel room key or old gift card for this purpose and leave it there for the length of your cruise.

Jun 16, 2018

Take the time to explore the ship. It’s beautiful! Find your sailing group on Facebook and participate in the Fish Extender gift exchange. Get magnets to decorate your door too.

Apr 01, 2018

Stay onboard at a port of call your least interested in or return early to enjoy some of the common areas when they’re not so crowded. We were able to jump on and off the Aquaduck easily with very little wait time while most where off ship. Had a blast with the kids exploring too.

Jan 23, 2018

There's a room service breakfast menu that you can check off and hang outside your door, sort of like a do-not-disturb sign. But there's also the main room service menu that is separate, that's located inside a booklet in or on the desk. Also, Mickey Bars aren't listed on the menu but they're available from room service and in the main dining rooms.

Jan 02, 2018

If you want experience a great holiday experience, go on Disney cruise line , you won't miss the holidays at home , it is a week long holiday celebration instead of one day celebration

Dec 19, 2017

We were told that if you book another cruise or put a "placeholder" on another cruise within 2 years while you are on the ship, that you will receive 10% off and up to $200 toward your stateroom. We did book another cruise while on board to take advantage of this deal. Also, if you're sailing during a Disney movie release/premiere they will most likely show it on board. We were able to see the new Star Wars a day early.

Oct 24, 2017

Not having children, I really didn't notice that there were more kids than any other cruise line, adult areas very well planned.

Oct 09, 2017

ASK a lot of question because its a lot of info and overwhelming all the restaurant dates and schedules. so be informed before arrival date. and be prepared to be without internet connection unless you want to pay a lot for it

Jul 23, 2017

Walk thru the entire ship on day 1 and get a sense as to all that is available. It's terrific.

Jul 13, 2017

There are so many things to experience on the Fantasy. Don't feel like you have to do e verything. Most everything repeats except the live Broadway style Shows. Each evening is a different show. Like going to Disney World, there is something on every corner. RELAX......don't spend your days running from event to event. You will love whatever you do!

Jun 08, 2017

The room had two USB plugs built into the wall, plus one in the alarm clock.

Jun 03, 2017

-Room service coffee is the best included coffee on the ship. -Download the Disney Cruise Line app on your phone or iPod, which is fantastic. It tells you all about the day's activities, menus, etc., and you will use it to text one another throughout the ship to stay in touch, even with your kids.

May 01, 2017

book character events such as character breakfast and Princess meet and greets as soon as you can

Dec 27, 2016

I thought the cups that Disney provided at drink stations were large enough and it was not necessary to bring our travel mugs. We barely used them.

Dec 27, 2016

Get involved with a FB group for the time you travel. We did that and people who had traveled on Disney gave great advice. Through them, we knew about fish extender groups, decorating our door, wine & chocolate tastings, etc...

Sep 28, 2016

Go to the shows. They are awesome.

Oct 30, 2015

The characters will just be walking around. We snagged pics with Goofy just walking around and Peter Pan was hopping down the stairs chatting with my son. It's like they are cruising with you!