177 Disney Fantasy Tips


Mar 06, 2017

you have to insert your Key to the World (KTTW) card into the slot / holder at the entryway of the of cabin to activate the lights and power. An easy hack for this is to use an old hotel room key or old gift card for this purpose and leave it there for the length of your cruise.

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Jan 24, 2014

Get on the ship as early as possible for the lunch buffet, then tour the ship to see the incredible kids, teens, and adult areas. It's the best time for the whole party to see everything. Do not miss the shows!

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Mar 19, 2013

For a nice quiet breakfast and good coffee, Enchanted Garden is great. The Champagne cocktails in Oh La La are to die for. Champagne Brunch at Remy is a must!


Jun 18, 2013

We wore nicer clothes for dinner every night and bathing suits with cover-ups every day. We packed too many shorts and shirts.

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Nov 08, 2013

We booked a Concierge One-Bedroom suite and it was absolutely worth the extra money. Wonderful service, a place to meet other guests, internet onboard the ship, free drinks and snacks throughout the day. I can't say enough good things about the Concierge service! Book it!

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Nov 13, 2013

Plan on and extended time to debark. Get away and go to the adult pool to relax and enjoy the hot tub.

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Jun 13, 2014

Be sure and go on top deck to watch the sun set at least once. Beautiful! Be sure and ask cast member ahead of time which side of deck 12 you should be on for the fireworks. Aqua Duck can block view if on wrong side.

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Jun 08, 2015

Make sure that you use the navigator on board that you get every morning under your door and bring a highlighter to highlight the things you would like to do

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Dec 27, 2016

I thought the cups that Disney provided at drink stations were large enough and it was not necessary to bring our travel mugs. We barely used them.

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Dec 27, 2016

Get involved with a FB group for the time you travel. We did that and people who had traveled on Disney gave great advice. Through them, we knew about fish extender groups, decorating our door, wine & chocolate tastings, etc...

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Jun 03, 2017

-Room service coffee is the best included coffee on the ship. -Download the Disney Cruise Line app on your phone or iPod, which is fantastic. It tells you all about the day's activities, menus, etc., and you will use it to text one another throughout the ship to stay in touch, even with your kids.

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Oct 30, 2015

The characters will just be walking around. We snagged pics with Goofy just walking around and Peter Pan was hopping down the stairs chatting with my son. It's like they are cruising with you!

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