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Jan 28, 2015

do not spend extra money on the premium drink package. Premium drinks not available at all. Staff kept saying we ordered them but never got any. PR was filthy and lacked service Average age on board was 75 (which surprised me) St Kitts was a gorgeous island/our first time there


Feb 03, 2016

Everyone was always friendly and helpful


Mar 09, 2015

Labardee was awesome, time to kick back and relax...don,t forget the BBQ finishes at two tho or you will miss out!


Mar 11, 2015

buy the drink package. Book your excursions before you leave home. Only pack half of what you think you need. you won't wear much of it.


Mar 18, 2015

Falmouth Jamaica is a waste of time: stay on board & take advantage of the spa deals. book speciality restaurant dining in advance of travel - do it at least once its worth the extra money. Not a buffet person? you should be @Breakfast time:eggs made to order vs cold in dining room with long wait.


Mar 21, 2015

The drink package is well worth it. Music by the pool can be loud, so find a quieter spot if you want to talk. Be sure to make dinner reservations. Popular times fill up. Labadee is a beautiful spot. Stay on the ship in Jamaica.


Apr 08, 2015

The open dining in the main dining room was a very nice option, where you could come and go at your choice of time rather than the assigned time.


Apr 09, 2015

Don't miss the gelato and coffee/tea counters. Great offerings!


Apr 15, 2015

Use guest relations recommendations rather than excursions to save big money and be on your own. Martini Bar is central party place on ship, even if you do not drink martinis. Bring your own water bottles to save on costs of staying hydrated. Fitness center is outstanding, get there early.


May 06, 2015

For example: Got the premium bar package and lived in the Molecular Bar! It just takes one more thing of the worry list!


Jan 15, 2016

The upgrade to the Premium Package for drinks was a great idea. This meant we could order anything with the single exception of some of the wines from Cellar Masters. Even for those, we only paid a small up charge. There were some fabulous bars, each with their own specialties.


May 07, 2015

Although there is a pleasant, fairly well stocked library (I loved that it is filled with with lots of natural light), make sure you bring an extra book or two of your choice for those consecutive 8 days you will spend at sea!


May 19, 2015

The state rooms are beautiful and the staff is excellent. The drink package is nice but we do not drink enough to make the normal uncharge worth the cost. The previous time we crushed on this ship the meals in the dining room were slightly better. I would say the food was good but not excellent.


May 20, 2015

Fredericia Denmark is a very small town, you can see everything in 2 hours. The people are so happy to see the ship. The band played when we arrived and when we left, they shot off cannons, they were happy to give directions.


May 27, 2015

The ship will nickel and dime you for drinks - we bought the Classic Drink package and did not drink too much so it worked out fine (kept me on my diet). But, there are only a few mediocre wine choices that were included on this package. If you like wine with dinner, you will be disappointed.


May 31, 2015

Get a room close to the elevator !!!


Jun 02, 2015

The ship's Captain is absolutely wonderful. He is entertaining, friendly and an asset to the cruise itself.


Jun 02, 2015

Need to research the ports to know what you want to see before leaving. Ship should give better info on the best ways to get to the cities to find the sites of your interest. Happy hour should be published to aid passengers that do not drink enough to buy the bar package.


Jun 03, 2015

For the first time I purchased a beverage package (for my special teas and mineral water); it was very convenient. This ship had free cookies/pastries, and sushi..perhaps more. Good laundry service.


Jun 17, 2015

Having the upgrades included (drinks, gratuities, onboard spending) was great particularly as buying a drinks package can be very expensive. We booked some trips ahead of time and they were all good. Also booking ahead from Skymiles might mean you are in a smaller group.

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