902 Carnival Paradise Tips


Apr 24, 2014

We opted for the 'anytime dining' option. Next time I will choose a specific seating. There seemed to always be a wait during the times we chose to be seated. Also, the wait staff were less attentive.


May 22, 2014

eat in the dining room. service is fantastic.


Jul 16, 2014

Go to the sit down breakfast it's faster than the buffet


Jul 24, 2014

If you are going to book just one excursion, probably best to book an excursion at Grand Cayman, and go it alone at Cozumel.


Aug 18, 2014

1) Chef's table. It is the best $75.00 a person you could ever spend! 2) Instead of booking snorkeling through the ship hit up the booth for El Dorado snorkeling Tours its $40.00 and worth every penny. 3) Visit the bar behind Hotel Barracuda. Its where the crew go when they are off- awesome


Aug 26, 2014

The Lido Deck had the shortest lines and most eating tables available.


Sep 09, 2014

Make sure you get with the quest agent to find out all the do's and don'ts once you are at the port. It saved us a lot of time and money, plus helped us to pack more fun things to do into our limited time at port. Not to mention, the vouchers for the free items while at the port was great


Sep 12, 2014

Use anytime dining.... that way you are on your time not theirs. You can still have the option to dine with others.


Sep 26, 2014

Destiny Dining room had the best staff, food was great, choices great,


Oct 10, 2014

Bring a hair dryer, power strip and more than one swimsuit.


Oct 19, 2014

Take the stairs when you are able. The elevators can be very sloooow. You can eat as many meals as you want at dinner,apparently. A woman next to us had 2 apps, 4 entrees and dessert one night!


Oct 29, 2014

Seaday Brunch was very good!


Nov 07, 2014

Don't be afraid to ask for seconds, if you enjoy the meal.


Nov 13, 2014

Breakfast starts at 6am but the grill opens at 6:30, up early for a seat on deck to watch the sunrise. Even at 3am there was food available on deck 10 stern


Jan 09, 2015

Go to breakfast early to avoid long lines and to enjoy the quiet.


Feb 05, 2015

Do yourself a favor and try anytime dining instead of the prescribed time. It allows a little more flexibility in scheduling activities.


Mar 29, 2015

Definitely go to the comedy shows (there are two sets for younger children under 18 and a seperate set for adults 18 and above). There are also Park West art auctions held onboard. If you are a fan of arts and entertainment I would certainly attend them.


Apr 07, 2015

Serenity for adults only section was the best find.

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