585 Brilliance of the Seas Tips


Sep 30, 2015

In my opinion I wouldn't recommend this ship or RCL for cruises.


Jan 31, 2016

To save some money, take the 30 bus instead of a cab in Tampa!


Oct 08, 2015

Schedule 24 hrs ahead for anytime dinning if you are using the dinning rooom


Jan 19, 2016

Easy embarkation and debarkation


Oct 15, 2015

We did take independent tours to see these sights, rather than the tours offered by the ships. You can do this at a fraction of the cost. Just be mindful of the time, however, and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get back to the ship.


Oct 22, 2015

Take a different ship or cruise line for a better time.


Oct 25, 2015

Get familiar with the ship's layout and read the daily bulletin. You have a choice any time you cruise: stay in your cabin and be bored or get out there and have fun. If you like to read, bring your own material since there's limited reading in a bookcase; no library.


Oct 29, 2015

The Brilliance staff were not able to sit us all together at dinner. As a Diamond Level, we had to ask for some of our perks and did not receive invitations to events.


Oct 29, 2015

My time dining is a little bit of a misnomer. If you do not have a reservation you will have a wait.


Oct 29, 2015

The cinema is small, if you really want to see a popular movie, arrive about 15 minutes early and if you have a back problem, bring a pillow or cushion, the seats can be uncomfortable.


Oct 29, 2015

One thing we didn't know ahead of time was that you needed to book your My Time reservations before you got on board. We were actually turned away on the first night because we hadn't done that.


Oct 29, 2015

Get to the Cinema early, fills up very quickly. Although the idea of asking for the same table and wait staff is a great idea, on our last cruise we did that and were greatly disappointed when we were seated at a different table with different wait staff.


Oct 30, 2015

If you are unable to get a preferred dining seating time, which we were not able to get. Book a "My Time" and then ahead of time make dinner reservations for the same time each night. We had "our table" with "our wait staff" and loved every evening's dining.


Nov 05, 2015

On sea days be ready in the Windjamer Cafe no tables to sit and eat. One of the problems passengers park themselves at tables to play cards or read. Tables don't turn over


Jan 31, 2016

Book your MyTime dining early. We didn't and ended up with a 7:45 dining time. You get the same wait staff each night and they were great! If you want to see a movie in the Cinema, make sure you get there early because the seating is limited. We missed the first one, so we arrived 30 minutes early.


Nov 10, 2015

We were with a group of 5 couples so we booked with my time dinning so we say at the same table at the same time every night


Nov 10, 2015

If you do the My Time Dining, see if you can get to the area that has the assistant waiter "Alberto" servicing. You will love him, and please tell him that Mr. James who was on the Boston to Tampa re-positioning cruise in Oct/Nov 2015 says "hello." Thanks.


Nov 18, 2015

There are so many great things! We like both the my time and the regular dining equally well. Great service both places..Wind Jammer is always great to eat in, Breakfast everywhere is wonderful. So many places to sit and relax to sleep, sun, read, what ever you desire. So enjoyable any where you


Feb 02, 2016

Take a chance if you have the time and experience the great time you will have with the staff on board.

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