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Founded as a fur-trading post by the Hudson Bay Company, Victoria is home to an interesting mix of cultures. There are English pubs, East Indian restaurants, and Japanese sushi bars. Chinatown features great buys at Market Square. Spend a pleasant afternoon among the flowers and waterways of world-famous Butchart Gardens.

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In port 6pm to midnight. My wife was content to stay on the ship and get some more of her novel read but I had to set foot in Canada for the first time. I boarded one of the many continuously running double-decker shuttle busses for $20, (includes return trip to pier). Victoria was a beautiful city with many monuments and well manicured gardens. I purchased some souvenirs, listened to some of the many street musicians, had my fist gelato cone, (I've led a sheltered life), and returned to the ship. Beautiful city, nice time.

Visited: Jul 29, 2017

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We loved Victoria! We did not book an excursion, as nothing really appealed to us. We figured we would explore on our own, and honestly, we figured it would be somewhat of a boring town. It also was an evening port stop, from 6:00p.m. - 11:30p.m. We got off the ship and all the tour companies are there trying to recruit you to their tours. We ended up meeting a pedi cab guy who had a double pedicab (yes, he pedaled and dragged around 4 adult size people.) Our pedi can guide was awesome!! He was funny, told us so much about the city, let us off anywhere we wanted to get off for pictures, gave us great suggestions, and was just amazing! We fell in love with Victoria! The tour was 2.5 hours and then we got to shop and have dinner and just hang around and get to know the city. We would go back to Victoria any time!

Visited: Jul 02, 2017

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Use your credit card for purchases as the exchange rate will be calculated automatically. Beautiful city. The shuttle bus that cost $11.00 US per person Round Trip is available at the pier. Good value. They have one drop off and pick up point in downtown Victoria on the corner of Government & Fort streets. Easy walk from there to food, sights or shopping.

Visited: May 28, 2017

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