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Christened "The Emerald City", Seattle is known as one of the most livable cities in the world and actually receives less annual rainfall (36 inches) than New York and Atlanta. Surrounded by lakes, rivers, Puget Sound, and mountains, Seattle is a recreation enthusiasts' dream. In the summer, water sports are only 10 minutes away and winter sports, such as snow skiing, are only 45 minutes away.

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It’s true that umbrellas don’t work well here because it’s so windy. A cheap dollar store rain poncho in your backpack Is a lifesaver. Pikes marketplace is a must to see; so Chilhuly Gardens & Space Needle. We enjoyed Miners Landing with lots of fun shops


We love Seattle and Pikes Place Market and have been several times. We were lucky to have great weather both going and returning. I recommend folks doing their own thing in Seattle vs. an excursion.

Visited: Jun 09, 2018

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We arrived in Seattle earlier and visited the Space Needle, Pike's Fish Market, and the glass museum. We even went to a baseball game and had a fabulous time.

Visited: Jun 03, 2018

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Seattle has GOT to be the best place to embark/disembark. Build in extra time to explore Seattle - on both ends of the trip.

Visited: Jun 05, 2015

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If you take the post-cruise tour of Seattle prior to going to the airport, you'll get a ticket to the Space Needle and go to Pike Place Market. Go to Piroshky, Piroshky and get a lemon twist pastry. Oh. My. Goodness!

Visited: Jun 11, 2017

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