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by chai42

Go early, spend the day walking, browsing, and have lunch or snack at one of the local shops. Pick up local tourist magazine and try the local made Nanaimo bar in a coffee shop. Do not miss the Dollar-rama Store...great finds, but they do not accept debt cards or credit only and change is in Canadian.

Visited: Sep 11, 2015

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by SamanthaY

Nanaimo was gorgeous! We went on an excursion to the Cathedral Groves and Coombs Market. The grove was beautiful and the air was so fresh and clear. The market was adorable and everyone was so kind to us. They have little shops in downtown Nanaimo that are so cure and fun. It was a great port to see and I would love to visit it again.


by SharonBH

You can very easily see this town in a day. There is a shuttle bus that does a circle with 4 well marked stops. Each stop is easily reached from any of the others. The waterfront is fun, with lots of little shops and food. The floating fish and chips restaurant was very good, as well as a little ice cream shop that makes their own ice cream with many flavors to choose from. We saw a cute little tea house on the waterfront that looked adorable, but we were full and didn't stop. Prices were reasonable.

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