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Located on the northwest Malaysian coast of Borneo, Kota Kinabalu The Sabah Museum has an excellent exhibit of archaeological finds from the area.also serves as the gateway to the beach resort town of Kampung Tanjong Aru.

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Four hour sightseeing trip that took us to two places and then several spots for photos. City itself had much more to offer and we were disappointed not to experience more. I'd advise others to take a full day trip so as to see more of the area.

Visited: Aug 16, 2015

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About a half hours walk to centre of town, most shops not open till about 10. Browse through the food markets

Visited: Mar 05, 2017

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Please make sure you go to the bathroom before getting off the ship, unless you are happy to pay 30 Malaysian cents (plus extra if you don’t have any tissues) to use a filthy squat toilet in a shopping mall.

Visited: Mar 22, 2018

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