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by becadam

Noumea is my favourite stop. We go to Escapade Island with Noumea shore tours gateaway tours and love it! It's a beautiful secluded island with huts over the water And you can swim with turtles. Can't wait to go there in a few months 👍👍


by jandex

Did the hop on hop off bus. We paid for this from the ship, however bus was packed and not reliable. If you have the option to pay independently once off the ship, do so. We went to Anse Vata beach and caught a water taxi to Duck Island where we went snorkeling.

Visited: Mar 28, 2018

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by powercruiser

We docked in the container ship wharf and took a bus into town. Where you get off there is a Green train called Lyvai that takes you on a trip around town and down to citrus bay and a great lookout. Much cheaper than the touch touch train. they also have a hop on hop off that is pretty good. Souvenirs are cheaper in the supermarket across the road. The museums are good to visit and really cheap.

Visited: Nov 16, 2018

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by Herbos

Its not the cruise ships fault, Noumea for us was a dirty place and people rude, we were told how bad this place was but we wanted to find out for ourselves, definitely with everyone saying its a dirty our priced place and the people are rude, will never get off the ship to see Noumea again

Visited: Nov 16, 2018

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