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James Michener called it the most beautiful island in the South Pacific. You may confirm his opinion, either by the local "Le Truck" transport, 4-wheel-drive van, or in a helicopter overhead. And the offshore beauty is accessible by a glass-bottomed boat or by snorkeling.

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What do you do when it rains (pours) in paradise? We knocked on the front door of a home in Bora Bora asking the resident for shelter. We were welcomed into the large covered porch area and offered a drink. Fifteen minutes later, we were babysitting as our host took off on her bike to the shop to buy provisions for her thirty or so other guests who had seen us enjoying local hospitality and decided to gatecrash! The lady was well rewarded from all concerned. Swimming, snorkelling, water sports, beaches are all great once the thunderstorms have passed. Beautiful, scenic and permitting. Warning, there is no pier in Bora Bora. Warning, the ships lifeboats tender you ashore.

Visited: Jan 02, 2017

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