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Very interesting place Port Arthur. Walking around the old penal ruins is very interesting. Sad to visit the site of the modern day mass shooting. Was easy to spend the day here looking around.


We loved the quiet beauty of Port Arthur. The ship can’t pull up so a tender is required, but the trip on the tender is short and leads you to one of the most beautiful spots we have ever seen (and we travel a lot). There is no need to book an excursion here unless you want to your something outside the site, as the townspeople give free guided tours of the main points of the historical site. The mountains, trees, ocean, and history were amazing. This was one of our favorite stops on any cruise we’ve ever been on.


Did a ships tour, Lavender Farm and wine tasting was very good and wine tasting very informative. Only issue the tender was half hour late leaving the ship due to customs or clearance, so this half hour had to be made up by the tour company by cutting our stops shorter, which I did not think was fair, so in the end it all was a bit rushed.

Visited: Oct 25, 2017

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