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Six of us rented a van and toured the island independently. First we stopped at Seal Bay Conservation Park for a walk down the boardwalk to the beach. There we saw plenty of sea lions sunning themselves on the sand and surfing in the water. There are platforms along the boardwalk to rest or take photos. If there is time, stop at Pennington Beach, a surf beach for a photo. Then we visited the Wildlife Park where we saw the feeding of the penguins and many other animals all in a natural setting

Visited: Jan 04, 2018

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Nothing there ....no cabs....no one offering any excursions outside the cruise excursions. Got off...walked around the block and back on the ship. People who visit Kangaroo Island ferry over with their car and spend a week.

Visited: Jan 23, 2018

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Not much to do although there was a very small market on the day. Quite pretty but by the time we got ashore there were no buses to the main town on the island. Won't bother going back.

Visited: Jan 23, 2018

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