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Brisbane, located in Australia's Queensland, enjoys beach-perfect summers and mild winters. Other reasons to stay in this sunny city include its wealth of good food, diverse shopping, and copious arts and entertainment choices. Ride one of the ferries, paddlewheels, or pleasure boats on the Brisbane River. Stroll among the gardens of the city center or relax on the beach.

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Ships will dock at either Portside or the Grain Terminal. Portside is better as there are shops, public transport etc. At the Grain Terminal you will have to take a shuttle to the City. City Cat ferry is best way to see city at a reasonable price.


The ship berths 35 minutes by coach from the centre of Brisbane. We met friends on the south bank of the river which traverses Brisbane. This area is an attraction itself with a sizeable city beach, restaurants, theatres, attractions of all descriptions. Brisbane is an attractive city, beautifully manicured and cared for by the residents.

Visited: Jan 02, 2017

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Spectacular views of the city and the bay and islands from stop Mt Cootha lookout which is very close to the city and quick to bus or drive up to. Restaurant up there too.

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