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Going through was treated as an event. The narrator gave detailed information of our voyage through the locks . All decks had juice coffee , danish for guest. Even though we had a balcony, we went to crows nest to get full experience.

Visited: Feb 18, 2018

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Everyone rushes out to get a prime viewing spot, but the ship offers ample spots for viewing and the process really takes a long time. So don't worry if you don't find the best spot at first. Most people take a few photos and move around, so you should be able to find good views somewhere.

Visited: Apr 08, 2017

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Amazing! I recommend anyone get up early to see the approach because all the good viewing spots are taken up quickly. From our balcony we could actually touch the sides of the locks. Incredible experience.

Visited: Dec 08, 2014

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Superb place, when you looked over the side of the ship as you were in the canal and there was 1 ft either side, pretty impressive driving! Also when they lowered the water so the ship went down, I would go to my crew cabin and look out of the port hole, a very cool view. When they do the Panama sale, I used to go to deck 2 at 4 am with the side cargo door of the ship open, and a boat would come along side and throw the boxes on board, best and most exciting delivery ever.

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