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Mormugao is located in Marmagao in Goa state. Mormugao Harbour is one of the most striking natural ports on the west coast of India. Tourists are attracted by the liberal atmosphere, the colonial Portuguese feel, the splendid beaches, and the fabulous sunsets. The seafood of the area is also said to be excellent.

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Very dirty ... The visa situation in India was terrible and the immigration pre-screening process was atrocious.

Visited: Oct 23, 2015

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We didn't like the place, nothing to see. A waste of time. We have been in India 3 times on a land tour, and this was the worst place we have been. We would not return.


More churches and that’s it. Waste of a stop and time could have been better spent in anywhere other than this place. Get me out of here ASAP as the place is dirty and has nothing to offer.

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