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We did a non-ship sponsored group tour with 8 people of the Yarra wine region with wine tasting and great lunch included and included visit to the regions zoo, which was a modern open concept zoo with only Australian animals in their native habit. Vey nice.

Visited: Jan 05, 2018

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We did the free walking tour around town and thoroughly enjoyed it. Saw the city sights and went down the alleys taking pics of the graffiti art, had pastries at a bakery, visited a museum, shopped at the places along the way. The shuttles to the cruise ship were convenient and the Melbourne city volunteers very helpful giving directions while we were there.

Visited: Oct 30, 2017

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Awesome little licensed restaurant at the tram terminal 2 minutes walk from the dock. Café Grumento was a great place to have a meal and a few drinks while waiting for embarkation. Great friendly staff and awesome food :)

Visited: Mar 08, 2016

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We didn't like the free city tram - so loud that couldn't hear what recorded message was saying - stops often for traffic and with only one day there we were wasting time... Took the metro to Brighton Beach to see the "beach boxes" - worth the trip for us but many things to do in this city so hard to decide which ones to do in only a short time.

Visited: Feb 14, 2017

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