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Across the river from the gleaming new town of Agadir is ancient Taroudant, where you can meander within old city walls and see merchants selling handicrafts, fashioned by centuries-old methods. Follow caravan trails south along the coast; a view of Berber life awaits in the pink-walled town of Tiznit.

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Either stay on board or do an excursion. We got the shuttle bus (which was a total farce) then taxi to the souk. Souk was an experience and glad I saw it. However, everyone we came across just tried to extort money out of us. Very dishonest people. Agadir is a dump, dirty and filthy place. Wouldn't eat here and wouldn't feel safe. Not spoke to one person on ship that had anything positive to say. It's ticked off my list of places to visit but I've no desire to come back to Morocco.


Not a typical Moroccan city, more of a Mediterranean vibe. The city was completely destroyed in 1960 due to an earthquake, the current city in a grid layout is situated a few kilometres from the port. The port area is very large and in my opinion not easy to walk on you own. There are plenty of taxi drivers on the dockside, we hired a driver for 6 hours at a cost of €70, very reasonable. The city's promenade is very well laid out, flat, well maintained and clean, there are various bars and restaurants along the northern end towards the southern end you will find resorts and hotel. The beach is very nice and was uncrowded on our visit. The old town is interesting in the fact that it is not at all touristy, we found a mosque and lovely zoo which was free to enter. We also explored the new marina area which is close to the port, as you would expect there are a few bars, restaurants and stores. The Souk and Bazar were interesting, the Souk is very large, on our visit is not crowded and we got around no problems. At the Bazar we had a chaperone who tried to hard sell everything we looked at, very annoying as it made us want to leave the store a lot quicker that we would have liked as there are some beautiful items here.

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