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Galicia is at the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula, to the north of Portugal, with which it has strong historical and linguistic ties. There are hardly any flat areas of land in its uneven landscape, but its hills and mountains offer many pleasant spots and natural parks. The mountain ranges of the Ancazares, Courel, Manzaneda and Pena Trevinca rise to almost two thousand metres. The main urban centres are Vigo and La Coruna.

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A great little town, not that much to do. I enjoyed watching the oyster shuckers. I seem to remember drinking a bit too much in a local restaurant as the local beer was lethal 😅


Didn't do an excursion. The town was easy to walk around with several shops and cafés to stop in. For the adventurous, the climb to the top of Monte de O Castro (the easily seen green area up the hill from the port) is fun. Rigorous walk with hundreds of steps and inclines, but the ruins and gardens and the top were nice and the panoramic view was beautiful.


Excellent short walk of ship gets you in town centre I can thoroughly recommend going off and doing it for yourself. no guide needed, you just have to walk and not get ferried about by coach.

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