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Very interesting place to do an excursion - the bus ride around the island. Very nice way to spend the day and see so much of the area. So many churches and old buildings. Kudos to the bus drivers for making it through those narrow streets!

Visited: Aug 15, 2017

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Nice port. Just too bad that most of the shops and restaurants were closed so could not do much. We should have taken an excursion here. Need to let cruisers know in advance about Siesta from 1200 - 1600.

Visited: Oct 02, 2017

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No excursion. Tried to get around on our own. Didn't really see much. Caught the public bus back to the ship and had a "scenic tour".

Visited: Jun 28, 2017

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Needed some R&R, so shared a cab to Rambla (?) beach. Enjoyed a few hours of swimming/sun bathing (chairs for rent - $5/ea).

Visited: Sep 21, 2018

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