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Much of the island is wild, mountainous, and covered with maquis, whose flowers have earned Corsica the name the scented isle.

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by Ayeayematey

We were supposed to dock in Marseilles but there were protests going on and the cruise line deemed it unsafe and rerouted us to Corsica. Unfortunately, we lost half a day in travel time and were only able to visit the island for half a day. However, we did the snorkeling which was fantastic! Such clear water. Lots of jellies though. Half the boat got stung, but the tour operator was prepared and had the medicine on hand for the jelly stings for those people.

by Pbgtx

Bonafacio by Land and Sea was great. Warning. This involves a few stairs up and a steep descent down. We took a tram to the top of a city and also a boat tour. Loved the tour but the mobility issues need to be evaluated. Wish I was here longer

Visited: Jun 18, 2019

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by loudini56

This excursion was very disappointing. We first visited the dramatic landscape of Calanches for their beautiful red granite formations. We had a quick stop and most of the people including myself waited to use the restroom. There was only one available. We were not allowed to walk around and enjoy the views as some other buses on the same tour were able to do. From there we went to a small Greek village of Cargese and again had a very little amount of time to walk around. Finally we saw the village of Piana, again for a short amount of time. We spent most of the time on the bus. This was not a pleasant excursion.

Visited: Oct 11, 2017

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