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Renowned as the birthplace of Napolean Bonaparte, Ajaccio is bursting with history and cultural diversity. The Greeks were the first to discover the unique beauty of the island early in the 6th century BC, calling it "Kalliste", or "the beautiful". Climbing through the foothills and the mountains, you'll be surrounded by the greenery covering the mountainside. The local term for this lush plant life is "maquis."

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by Cruise1st

Ship parks/docks right outside the town, easy to walk to, the last time I was there it was market day, nice to walk through and see the local produce and crafts, a little further on there is a beautiful Sandy beach


by higgens

Went on bus tour. Not a lot to see. We decided to have something to drink at a roadside Cafe across from the sea. There were 2 chairs, one facing the sea and the other facing the Cafe. My son sat on the one facing the sea. Seeing I also wanted a view, I moved my chair around so I could face the sea. Next thing a very rude waiter came over and started shouting at me (in French) obviously telling me I was not allowed to do this. I tried to point out I didn't want to look into the Cafe but he would have none of it and demanded I move my chair back. Needless to say we got up and left so the Cafe lost our order. This experience left a bad taste in my mouth. If any future cruise I go on stops there, I will stay on board ship.


by CruiseKings

Had a lovely afternoon in Corsica, wandered around town on our own then went on a local open to bus, €10 per person for 1.5 hours. Beautiful island, would like to return.


by WamC

Very interesting. We did an excursion here. Our guide, who was originally from Lancashire, was passionate about Corsica, he gave us so much history of the island and tried to show us as much scenery as possible. Extremely interesting excursion. Very good with the people with disabilities, he didn't rush them, he waited till all the group were together before proceeding so everyone could hear clearly what he was saying. Always checking and counting his group. Excellent guide

Visited: Jul 08, 2017

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by Soggous

Got off early and enjoyed walking through the market (which isn't there in the afternoon). The town is lovely to explore and lots of restaurants on back streets if you can walk a bit further. We took the local bus to Neptune Beach and went jetskiing. Local man gave us two sun loungers for the afternoon gratis! This is the locals' beach and is worth the journey for the clear water and space to lounge on the beach (unlike the beach in town which is crammed).

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