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About Rotterdam, Netherlands

One of the largest and most modern ports in the world, Rotterdam is the major foreign-trade center of the Netherlands and its second largest city. Among the noteworthy buildings that survived the German air bombardment of 1940 were the stock exchange, the city hall, and the Van Beuningen Museum, with its collection of paintings by Dutch masters.

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What a nice port. It is overshadowed somewhat by Amsterdam & the ship did not offer any sightseeing excursions in Rotterdam itself. So, we toured independently. We walked along the waterfront to visit the ss. Rotterdam now a hotel, restaurant and attraction. I bought several items in the gift shop. After lunch, we took the complimentary shuttle into town and explored the iconic Cube Houses, the Old Harbor, the Lawrence Cathedral & the nearby huge inside Market Hall. Plan to spend some time in the wonderful city.

Visited: Aug 02, 2017

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My grand daughter & I took the excursion to Amsterdam which included a canal ride and three course luncheon which was fantastic. Loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and the food. The weather was interesting as we experience rain, hail and sunshine all in the same day and still enjoyed out day.

Visited: Apr 17, 2016

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