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Liverpool is a city in Merseyside County, on the northwest coast of England. Visit the town where the Beatles got their start. Liverpool continues to be a national center of shipping, communication, and transport. The town is filled with architectural landmarks, including the Town Hall, St. George's Hall, and the Metropolitan Cathedral. The city's symphony orchestra is also world-renowned.

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by Ecraft66

One of the biggest surprises of the ports. I thought Liverpool was only about the Beatles, but I was so wrong. It's about shipping and trade, the Mersey River, World War II communications and the Blitz, a thriving economy, a new shopping and entertainment complex called Liverpool One, the largest Chinatown in the world outside china, a maritime museum commemorating the Titanic, the Lusitania, and the slave trade from Africa to America. It's about music before and after the Beatles. Someday I'll go back. It's an awesome city. We were greeted by lively musicians playing “All My Lovin” as we entered the city from the cruise terminal.

Visited: Jul 01, 2017

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by SoSunny

Surprisingly fun stop, although it was short and we had to be on board by 3 pm. It was enough time to go through a couple museums and grab a meal. Shops are nearby and there's lots to do within walking distance. Bravo to the Liverpool port management for the splendid send-off with wonderful music and confetti! That was an absolute treat and so memorable. I can't imagine they do this for every ship, but it was such fun. We also found people lining up along the street and honking and waving as the ship pulled out.

Visited: Apr 22, 2019

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by carollgodoy

Best port. It is so near the city center, 5 min walk and you are on the ship again. Beautiful city! Uber was cheaper than other places in England, totally worth it. I wish I just had more time to spend there.

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