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About Hellesylt, Norway

One of the highlights of the fjordland, tiny Hellesylt lies at the head of Sunnylvenfjord. Near the village, a glacier-fed stream plunges over the sheer granite face of the fjord, cascading in thousands of feet of rainbows and foam. This majestic area, with its breathtaking glaciers and mountain lakes, inspired Henrik Ibsen's immortal drama, Brand.

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We did the Mountain Farm visit. Expectations were not high. What a surprise. Most gorgeous landscapes you could ever wish for. Felt like we had been dropped into a Lord of the Rings set.


If you want to experience the Norway nature and see the fjords, the Overland tour from Hellesylt to Geiranger is the way to do it. It’s fantastic. The highlight of the whole cruise. You get to see Norway from the inside and not just from a dock. Lakes, valleys, mountains, fjords.... unbelievable. It was the most expensive tour, but it was worth every penny. The best pictures and memories of the cruise come from this tour. Highly recommend.

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