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With the smoking cone of Mt. Etna as a backdrop, the chic resort of Taormina, is absolutely stunning. The town's ancient Greek theater is a wonder. Built in the third century B.C., with apparently perfect acoustics, it is still used today for open-air concerts. Spend some leisurely time along the Corso Umberto, where there are many interesting places to shop and dine.

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Took the Journey to Mt. Etna here. Was absolutely stunning, just wish there had been more time to take the Gondolas up to the very top.

Visited: May 06, 2017

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A beautiful port just to explore on your own. The shops and restaurants were great and we enjoyed wondering the town. We also look a cable car down to the beach and explored the Roman Amphitheater with view of Mt Etna. Beautiful!!

Visited: Oct 08, 2011

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We did a 4 hour Mt. Etna excursion, which I would not recommend unless it's simply to check the box ("I've been to Mt. Etna"). A short visit on our own to Taormina saved the day. "Next Time" we would just go to Taormina directly and spend the day there.

Visited: Aug 05, 2017

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