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Often called the "Pearl of the Riviera," this charming hideaway on the Ligurian Sea is a favorite vacation spot of many wealthy Europeans. Once a quiet fishing village, Portofino is now best known for its chic boutiques, wonderful outdoor restaurants, and beachside cliffs that are speckled with pastel-colored villas. An optional day trip by boat lets you explore the picturesque coastline villages of Paraggi and Santa Margherita.

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Simply beautiful. So picturesque but would need a lottery win to stay longer than two hours. Took the walk to the lighthouse for amazing views of the bay


Portofino is too commercialised and attracts hordes of tourists. For a more relaxing time visit Santa Margarita 1.80 Euro one way; 15 minute bus ride along the coast.

Visited: Jun 06, 2015

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We did the 3 pearls and it was very good. Saw Portofino, Santa Margarita and Rapello. Portofino is breathtaking and moved me to tears. Pulling into port and opening the drapes to see colored houses, castles and mansions enveloped in greenery was something I’ll never forget.

Visited: Oct 14, 2017

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