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Located on Sardinia's northeast coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea, Olbia is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. Originally a Greek colony, Olbia was later passed to the Romans and then colonialised by Pisa. It was also the scene in of a Roman victory over Carthaginian general Hanno. Visit the traces of Phoenician and Roman tombs and the Church of San Simplicio, created by Pisa during Roman times.

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by dorismini

We did an excursion to Coda Cavallo Beach. My husband was a bit disappointed with this trip because the beach chairs and umbrella were not that close to the water, but a short distance away from it. Since we wanted to keep a close eye on our kids, we ended up spending extra money to rent chairs and an umbrella from a private vendor directly on the beach. Some snacks/sandwiches and drinks were included in the price, but not alcohol, so we spent extra on beer as well. Since we wanted to spend most of the day on the beach, we thought this excursion was too short. We thought about taking a taxi back later, but I talked to the tour guides, and they went out of their way to arrange that we take the later bus (same tour operators) back to the ship. We thought it was a bit pricier than the other excursions we booked onboard, and my husband really wanted to see the Costa Smeralda, so we would probably just take a taxi to that area next time. Although this public beach was beautiful (but very crowded), we didn't think the price of the excursion was worth it.

Visited: Jul 28, 2017

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