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Virgin Voyage’s private destination, the Beach Club at Bimini, is just a short transfer away from the cruise pier. The unique space was designed with neutral, soft earth tones which blend naturally into the seascape. The Club is anchored by an expansive lagoon-style pool that overlooks the ocean. <p>As guests will find on any Virgin Voyages ship, the Beach Club at Bimini offers a number of spaces for high-energy parties, as well as quiet, well-being-focused amenities. At the Morings area, visitors can enjoy early morning yoga and meditation complemented by the sounds of the ocean. As the day rolls on, expect the energy to ramp up with DJ-led pool and flotilla parties. As dusk settles, the energy winds down with a beach bonfire and acoustical musical performances. <p>The Beach Club at Bimini will offer complimentary, locally sourced foods. Think island dishes, such as conch and mango salad, banana-leaf wrapped snapper, and Bahamian rum cakes.

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by vkk419

Bimini is such an amazing island! Get out and explore beyond what Virgin has built, even though it looked amazing! Get some lunch at Big John’s! Do a shark dive right there too! There are little bars and restaurants all over the island. It’s super safe, rent a golf cart for the day for easiest travel!


by dhall0621

Virgin did an amazing job with the creation of their private beach club. Two big pools, lots of beach front and great drinks and good service. The club was very clean and well maintained. There were a lot of places to sit and relax in many styles of seating.


by yensidtlaw1976

The Beach Club is solid -- love having both a pool and a beach. Food was probably the best I've had on a private cruise stop. On the downside Jellyfish in the ocean and a lack of sufficient supplies (ice, drinks, straws, etc.) plagued our trip but still it's a great stop. Everyone should know the ship is a 10 minute tram ride away from the Beach Club so plan accordingly. Lastly lots of confusion about the benefits that come with the cabanas: online says $100 credit, server said 5 drinks, another server said $50 credit. Regardless of which way the drink package goes the cabanas are super basic and not worth the price.

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