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Puerto Plata is located on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is known as the Amber Coast because of its rich deposits of the fossil resin. The province sprawls out over 70 miles of coast, white sand beaches, protected coral reefs, coconut groves, coastal lagoons, and crystalline waters. In the city, you can visit Mt. Isabel de Torres, a national park and botanical garden.

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by barbnyy

My cruise stopped at the Amber cove port, but I'm glad we took a little bit of time to do something fun within the city of Puerta Plata. We got a taxi (van) very easily to the Teleferico Cable Car. It was about 15 minutes away and cost the 3 of us $60 round trip. It was worth it, the driver was very nice and waited for us to finish whenever and drove us back. It was an organized operation with drivers all in the same outfits. You didn't feel like you were getting ripped off. The cable car was a really neat thing to do and only $10. It went up this gorgeous Green Mountain where you had views of the coast and ocean. Once you get up to the top of the mountain there were so many paths you could spend a couple hours walking around if you wanted. It was definitely a workout with lots of hills and steps. There was a snack bar and a sit down restaurant if you wanted to eat, we did not. The shop was a little bit annoying because it was all local people trying to pull you into their place and sell you. Still I recommend going here.


by KelsMarie01

Are there any good shopping spots? Will be going here next December. Have plans for my others ports but nothing for here. Will be my first cruise. Thanks 😊


by Christy877

Our first time here and spent the day by ourselves on the beach at the port. And when I say by ourselves, it was seriously just my husband and I. Our waiter, Junior, was wonderful and took very good care of us. Beautiful, clean, and everyone was super friendly!


by bskramer48

We did not book an excursion here. We got off the ship and bought a few things in the shops at the end of the pier. The town looked nice, but we felt safer staying near the ship. We also did not have anything that we were looking to buy, so we used the time to enjoy extra time in the uncrowded Thermal Spa.

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