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I was excited to visit Deshais as it is featured in a british tv programme. It was a long way from the port but glad we went as it was a Sunday and people who stayed in the port said nothing much was open.


Not a very pretty port but it was also Good Friday and not much was open. Native people were very nice to still show up at dock and entertaining ship. They were a very nice and proud people.

Visited: Apr 01, 2007

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Best island of the trip. Took a private excursion to Deshaies to visit the sites to the TV show - Death in Paradise. Disappointed that Holland America does not provide this tour from EXC Tours.

Visited: Dec 21, 2018

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Walked around town- interesting but not the cleanest. People were not all too friendly and I speak French too so it wasn't a language thing. We were on our own and enjoyed some of the shops.

Visited: Nov 12, 2007

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