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by debra1955

Was there November 19, 2014. The port was new at that point. Our group walked up to the main part of town looking around stopping at vendors along the way. This port has a long way to go for it to be ready for a lot of tourists according to a local. The rain came down heavily, we got back to where we waited for the tender. Due to the heavy rain it was so rough in the port to get the tenders out to sea to the ships as the tenders bumped into each other. So hopefully for the port's sake and the people at this writing they were able to have enough funds to develop their port.

by janeligon

Campo del Mar has a great beach - because we went on the earliest one we got some beach time. Lunch was great (we've been to Honduras many times on mission trips) but some of the gringos didn't care for local food.

Visited: Nov 16, 2014

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by kfrosh64

Take a local tour with HAL..get a close up look at a developing area, too bad it will someday be spoiled by the normal cruiseline mentality of huge jewelry stores, etc. Hopefully not and the goods for sale will continue to be made right in Honduras or neighboring countries instead of China..saw none of that..YET.

Visited: Mar 13, 2016

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