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Montego Bay: visit her outstanding underwater marine park at Cornwall Beach. Explore the Chester Castle Great House set on some 200 acres, or tour Rose Hall, a restored plantation house. The driving force of Reggae, Bob Marley, is honored here at the Half Moon Shopping Village. Learn the history; hear the music; buy some merchandise; support the cause.

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One of the most "welcoming" ports I've encountered. There is a Jamaican band greeting guests exiting the ship and the view from the port is breathtaking. People are extremely friendly.😏😜


I heard a lot of negative things about Jamaica from anyone who had ever been before. "It's beautiful, BUT..." So I was very cautious and aware of our surroundings. We did the Martha Brae bamboo raft tour. It was absolutely beautiful. It took my breath away. We saw some pushy salespeople who waded out into the river to try to sell us trinkets, but it wasn't anything too intrusive. I never felt uncomfortable. Our raft captain Clive was very informative and showed us things in nature that I had never seen before. Afterwards they dropped us off for a very quick stop at a shopping area, and we bought a Red Stripe and a meat pie that was knock-your-socks-off good. Back at the port we did some shopping, which was very relaxed and felt safe. I hated to leave. I'd like to come back here and spend a week.

Visited: Dec 04, 2016

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???Hard Rock??? Wife, child (18), friend (18), other friend (18), and I ditched the old folks and walked from port to wherever...we were NOT ready to leave, sweaty, dying of thirst, for forgetting to look the 'other way' for traffic, we found Hard Rock...way under dressed, nobody stopped us, straight to the questions asked for 18 out post cards for unlucky people back home, then hit the beach for a look see...WOW!, love Margarittaville, but next time in Montego Bay, this is our destination...walking distance (no $$$ cabs), clean peaceful beach, clean shallow pool, way cool seating areas and open areas...regular eating areas, fancy dining table areas...this place has it all...cannot wait to go back...few years to go, but we will be there...


Out of the whole cruise my favorite port was Montego Bay awesome experience with the culture. The food is spectacular, the people are very friendly and the paradise beach was amazing


I have been to Jamaica, and yeah I plan on going back, everything is what you make of it. Wife and I really liked it, we went to Dr Coves beach which is a resort beach,for $7 we got a cab ride there, we could see the ship from the beach, it was nice we hit the water, and chilled on the beach met some people, did a little shopping, and got a cab back to ship for $5, the only thing everyone wants to sell you everything it can get annoying, we would mostly laugh, say no or we will be back, but it's their lively hood and you can haggle with them, my wife got some deals in gift shop and we got a cheaper cab. Looking forward to going back.

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