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Costa Maya is located on the Mayan Riviera, so named because was the home of the Mayans. Lush jungle vegetation is juxtaposed with beautiful beaches that have recently become the destination for scuba divers and snorkelers wishing to explore the untouched coral reef. or take a drive through the jungle and see an amazing combination of birds and mammals, like the wild deer and jaguars, spider monkeys, monkeys, and even alligators.

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Reef Snorkeling


During your snorkeling trip, you'll visit a beautiful area of the Meso-American Barrier Reef, the la...

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One Tank Local Scuba Diving Trip

One Tank Local Scuba Diving TripPlanning a trip to Mexico? Check out this Costa Maya excursion. It i...

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Exclusive Beach Break

Welcome to Pitaya Beach! Enjoy your day with us and you will discover an exclusive beach break for y...

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Stand Up Paddle Tour & Beach day

Enjoy time on your paddle board with your English speaking guide followed by relaxing on a white san...

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by Falion1

Ok, anyone going here for the first time needs to know several things. First...unless you just want to shop, please...leave the port! As you leave your ship and walk down to the “shops”, be mindful that the port is designed to keep you there...spending your money. Walk around the circular walkway until you find a small pen with Flamingos in it and if you do an about face 180 degrees you’ll see a “Magnetic Jewelry shop”. Walk through here and do an immediate right turn and follow the walk on the left side until you’re at the taxi area ( can’t see it until you’re on top of it ) and grab a taxi to your destination of choice. My wife and I decided to spend $15.00 a piece and get tickets to “The Tippy Turtle”. You’re now in old Mexico... We had beach access and a shady tiki hut to sit under. We spent 4 hours there, drinking Margaritas and eating shrimp skewers...excellent! We had a waiter who became our “fast friend” and even got us our taxi back to the port. Secondly, if first time here ( as was for us ), pay NO attention to the heavy pounding surf as you walk down the pier. The beach area I just described is completely protected by a reef and it’s much calmer. So...swimming even for a poor swimmer is very doable. Overall experience was excellent! A little research, like my wife and I did prior to going ashore, well help ensure you’re day goes well and amazing, instead of having a possible bad experience.


by flipfloptan

It saddens me to see the 1 & 2 star reviews on here. We did the Dune Buggy through the city excursion. We were able to see what Costa Maya really is. I felt it a privilege to be able to tour their city. Our guide was wonderful. He showed us the good & the not so good. He explained what we were going to see. Explaining was one thing but seeing was another. These people have nothing (in most cases). But they have great hearts & they were so excited to see us come by. The children would come out & wave & smile at us. I was more excited than they were. It was a humbling experience & one I’ll never forget. I saw the seaweed & I smelled the seaweed. I also was able to understand that they can’t control Mother Nature and her ocean. If you get the chance to visit Costa Maya take advantage of it. Explore & experience the hospitality the city & its residents have to offer. I hope you are able to see what we were. Plus they have great Mexican blown glass to purchase. Thank you for reading this review.


by drsel

Do the History of Chocolate tour (only $3) at the Chocolate museum. . Visit the bird park ($10). . See the flying trapeze dancers (FREE). . Visit the Tequila factory with tasting ($10). . Swim with dolphins ($35) or watch them perform (FREE) near the port. . Take the $3 trolley to the beautiful Maha Huel beach & adjacent FREE small swimming pool & return by share a taxi ($2 each). . Enjoy the huge FREE swimming pool with free floats & bar near the port. . Only $20 for entry to the nearby Lost Mayan Kingdom water park with 9 water slides, 3 ziplines & NO QUEUES !

Visited: Apr 29, 2017

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by ronfrank09

Cozumel was my favorite port UNTIL I saw Costa maya. Wow. Beautiful. My wife actually had tears watching the dolphins lol. She said it was a child hood dream and she didn't know they would be right there at the port

Visited: Nov 11, 2018

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by kcannon96

If you a looking for a very relaxing safe beach day, you should go to YAYA Beach Club. It was a beautiful beach, the food, outdoor furniture, the view and alcohol were fantastic and all included for under $50. The staff also made it a very enjoyable experience, they made sure you had everything you needed to enjoy your relaxing day under the sun! I strongly consider looking into YAYA as you Costa Mayan excursion!😊

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