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Sitting just off the gorgeous Yucatan coast, Cozumel revels in its mythic white-sand beaches and world-class coral reefs. Yet Cozumel is also the last stronghold of the Mayas, who settled the island in 300 A.D. Residents still speak Maya, and sometimes wear traditional Mayan clothing. Nearby stand the great pyramids and temples of their ancestors.

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One word "Beautiful"...... We shopped in the morning and did some sign seeing.....my husband re-proposed after 17 years of marriage!!! It was beautiful. We did the All-Inclusive Dolphin VIP Swim at the Aquarius and it was a bucket list item done. Man oh man, I cried and it was FANTASTIC!! As a VIP guest you have your own pool, personal chef and unlimited drinks.

Visited: Jul 08, 2017

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My granddaughter had a birthday March 6th, so I surprised her with me and her going into Cozumel and went swimming with the Dolphins. She was 11 and I am 72 and we had a ball. The people in our group helped me out of the water and looked after us since we were the oldest and youngest.

Visited: Mar 01, 2018

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Cozumel is so awesome! Beautiful people and always so welcoming when we arrive in Mexico! We love coming to mr. Sanchos they have great service and we love their beach set up. And their swimming pool with the swings and swim up bar. And all inclusive ! Love their ceviche 🐠! We always leave with a smile! I wish I lived by a beach like mexicos beaches. Beautiful!


Paradise Beach was incredibly affordable at $3.00 per person and the request to purchase only $10 of food or beverage. It was as nice as any excursion and was extremely well-kept and clean.

Visited: Mar 05, 2017

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