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by CruisingBride

We got married at Mr.Sanchos on Monday. The location could not have been more beautiful. The staff was so friendly & helpful. The port had lots of shops & finding a cab was easy/reasonably priced.


by Nautigirl04

We ported at Puerta Maya and took a cab to Mr. Sanchos. We paid $23 plus tip for 5 of us. The cab driver asked if we had a reservation because otherwise he said he probably wouldn’t be able to get it. So, make a reservation on Mr. Sanchos’ website. Once there we got wrist bands and were escorted to a table on the beach. We immediately were greeted by our waiter for the day. He did a great job with keeping the drinks and food coming as asked. The food was good. We never went to the buffet. I had one alcoholic beverage while there and it was good and strong. We mostly drank bottled water (the kids had soda) because it was so hot. The beach was clean and there were plenty of places to sit in both the shade and sun. My son (17) and I did a dive with Blue Reef Divers while there. They were professional and it was a great experience (we paid $180 for both of us). Check out their Facebook page. My youngest (11) and husband rented a jet ski and they enjoyed that. My 17 and 13 year old went parasailing while there too. The 11 and 13 attempted the inflatable water park ($12) but it was a lot of work climbing on there and they would just rather swim. We did not use the pools. My only complaint is that we just needed more time to do it all! I would say this is a party spot. We saw a man passed out in the sand because he drank too much and it was hot. Know your limit and maybe squeeze in a water in between drinks. Don’t forget to tip your waiter!! There were plenty of cabs outside Mr. Sanchos to take you back to port. We walked around the shopping area once back at port and found this underwater oxygen bar. It was $25/person but I asked if he would do 5 of us for $100 and he agreed. It was ok but not something i would do again. The kids enjoyed it. You can buy your pictures and they put them on a flash drive for you. They then gave us coupons for 5 free margaritas at one of the bars at port but we didn’t have time. We will be back in April and maybe use them then. Cozumel is beautiful and we never felt unsafe. Only complaint is WiFi was bad at Mr. Sanchos and I was never able to connect to call home and check on my baby.


by smora08

One word "Beautiful"...... We shopped in the morning and did some sign husband re-proposed after 17 years of marriage!!! It was beautiful. We did the All-Inclusive Dolphin VIP Swim at the Aquarius and it was a bucket list item done. Man oh man, I cried and it was FANTASTIC!! As a VIP guest you have your own pool, personal chef and unlimited drinks.

Visited: Jul 08, 2017

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by SailingStacey

Looking for suggestions for snorkeling in Cozumel. I like to book through Carnival. Looking for something that will not be too hard. My husband suffers from chronic pain and we try to book things he can handle. Thank you in advance.


by pattyg54

My granddaughter had a birthday March 6th, so I surprised her with me and her going into Cozumel and went swimming with the Dolphins. She was 11 and I am 72 and we had a ball. The people in our group helped me out of the water and looked after us since we were the oldest and youngest.

Visited: Mar 01, 2018

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by DebandMarkC

If you are looking to do something a little different in Cozumel, Your can rent a taxi right from Puerta Maya Pier for 5 hours for $100.00. There was 2 of us and he drove us around the entire island. He would stop anywhere we wanted, rather it was to take pictures,walk the beach,or eat lunch. COCONUTS is a popular beach bars on the back side of the island. We even bought his lunch. He spoke good English and taught us so much about Cozumel. It was like our own private tour. The taxi drivers know what is popular for the tourists. My only stipulation was that he would be paid and tipped when we got back to the pier! This was to make sure he would not leave us behind! Every time we got out of the car so did he. There are some beautiful beaches and places to see on the other side. We also stopped at San Gervasio Ruins. "BEST CAB RIDE EVER"


by JulieGreenEyes

I have to say that from the time we got off the Valor to when we got back on was amazing! We got a taxi to Mr. Sanchos which was fun. Everyone at Mr. Sanchos was friendly & the atmosphere was great. Food & drinks were awesome. The water was SO clear & gorgeous! Hated to leave but we did. The 2nd taxi back to port was great. I paid the driver but left my purse but didn't realize it til ee were about to start shopping. Went back to taxis & told someone there; he said my purse was found & waiting at the port which was a big relief. Everything was in it, vacation saved by honest people. We would definitely go back to Cozumel!


by coutybugg

We did Mr. Sanchos and it was worth every penny. The taxi drive back to the port scared the snot out of me, he drove it like he stole Just a great time


by Cynthia623

From Costa Maya an ambulance transported my husband & I. (4hr road trip) to a hospital that has a Cardiologist to Playa De Carmen. Thats where the Majesty of the Sea allowed my husband & I to get back on the ship in Cozumel. To come back to the states. It was a scary yet awesome experience. Thats where Bruna came i to the picture. The ships Dr. Had her come with us as our translator for me & my husband. She never left our side feom the moment we were debarked in Costa Maya til we got back on the ship in Cozumel. We had to take a Fiery from Playa de Carmen to Cozumel.We had min. To spare before the ship would leave. Bruna spoke with Doctors, nurses. Bruna was our little Angle. The ship took very good care of me. From the ships Agent stationed in CostaMaya Guillermo.. another Angel he handled the Clinic's, and kept in communication with Bruna, the ships Dr handled all the medical staff by getting a Dr. To travel with us in the Ambulance to Playa de Carmen. God Bless them all. Because of the heart problem that accured during snorkeling.


by cljones6363

Been to Cozumel 8 times and pretty much done most of the ships excursions. This time we looked at a map and found a pearl farm at the north east corner of the island so we looked it up and found that it is an excursion so we put down a deposit and booked it. Cozumel Pearl Farm was by far the best experience we’ve ever had! Isabella, Lupe and Jose were just awesome. Very friendly, wanting to make the experience memorable for us. If you are cruising they will work around your schedule. The prettiest water, coral reef, fish, and secluded beach which has their pearl harvest business. It is definitely a labor of love for Isabella and her family. They can take up to 8 people but we were just two for this trip and they took us anyway for a private tour. They pick you up at the aqua pier. The boat ride was about 40 minutes to the beach. At the farm you will learn about the interesting operation, snorkel over the pearl farms in the water and over a huge coral reef teeming with lots of fish while Lupe cooks lunch. Lunch, beer, sodas, water is included. We have been to Cozumel many times and this is the Best Cozumel excursion by far.

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