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by goblue1983

Tourist Trap! Your pressured from the moment you get off the ship to come into this store or that store. They all know about the ships and stored included in your discount book and and will pretend to be in there just to get you in. They’re also very rude if you say no thank you and continue where you want to go.


by postaldee68

I really like this port because it's really big with a ton of shops and I rarely feel like I'm being pestered by people selling crap. Be sure to ask where to go to get your passport stamped. Obviously, it isn't a requirement it's just something I always do.😉


by jenn2831

Hey all since we lost another summer cruise we want to look at an all inclusive maybe in cozumel. Anyone have any suggestions for places you have been that were awesome?

Visited: Jul 27, 2019

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by GenieCruiser

Enjoyed seeing Mayan ruins, but didn’t feel safe on deserted highway.

by covrone

This was my dream about going here since i was a little kid we finly arived. We went down to deck 0 and we tryed to board the feary to the main land,but the other boat keep hitting our ship, I thought this was vary dandress,,but since i was the first one l ine line they said to jump, the two ships were smashing into each other ,they keep htting and hiting no bodey was boarding but they keeped us smashinging the side ove the ship we hit so hard people . i smashed my knee went flying i smashed my knee on the steel in front ov me be fore i ended up on the ground, i saw a lady fall on her side i think she had a blue shirt we smashed so hard it riped the gangplank rite out metal pecise went flying the washer that almost hit me in the fase looked like a washer bent like a chineese hat.the gang plang got riped off and went flying all the ropes broke off then we keeped smashing until finly sombody said this was to dandress for u but by that time i was allready hurt the boat did an emergancy debark ,we puld backward but i can tell that the guy was vary pissed ood because wev just destoried his ship and he just stared at us as we backed out of harms way we moovev around the inter ship to a real dock. we saw2 all the people come running beccause of their mastake made but be that time several people were already hurt. other people came runing down the pier because they had to disengark safley because sombody on board greau a brain and said the other side was to dangress ,but by that time we were already smashed and hurt We took the feery to the main land where we met our tour guid. he was vary nice. he let me sit in the front of the bus. i told him i was not feeling good, i was hurt. when the bus leaves the tour guied takes your ticetthen you board the bus. The guide was vary nice ,but he had a scudgle to keep so time was of the essence to hih. when we got to the runens in tulim mexixo my knee was swolling up itb was hurting vary badley my tur started walking vary fast , he v said for every body to keep up becauce this walk will be vary fast to the bathrooms. My kneee was swelling up by this time. My tour left me because i could not keep up. I wast left alone in mexico. Here goes, AMERICAN TRAINING,,,,,,, i was left aloine limping down a road ,i had now mqp no tictket to enter thr park because my tur guyde took my ticket. they left me behind , i was lost in mexico .Iwas walking down the road and five wiled dogs surrounded me, there were more in the woods u can here all of them,my desert training took over. I was hurt lost in mexico ,wild dogs were all around me, I carved a rock into a rock,knife ,i was going to kill the first dog coming at me , hopfuley the other would not attack me if i killed the alafa dog but at time was ticking the worst was around me my knee, it was swelling so bad i had to keep stopping. To help my knee to walk i used my plastic bags aluminum foil and ice to rap around my knee i was vary scared of being attached by jaguars. I was lost and afraid and all alone. my kidnee was just taken out , and i thought i was ready for this trip , but my owen ship let me down. i needed a doctot whwn i finily made it bach to our ship . they said i could not see our ships doctor, because carnival, said i got hurt on the other boat that they were not responsible. bs carnival. thank you. for hurting me. and leaving me in mexico.

Visited: Feb 17, 2020

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