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by rob87

Did not like this port. We called here as we had a medical emergency on our ship. If you do anything hear plan a tour or something. Walking I'd not advise.


by tomsheff76

We visited Martinique and walked around the city at the port, however we did not do an excursion. It was difficult to communicate with people as pretty much everyone speaks French. Seemed like a lot of people on the ship went out and came back sooner than normal. Not a bad experience but not great either. This port replaced St. Maarten, which is one of my favorite ports. Hopefully St. Maarten will be added back to the itinerary in the future.

Visited: Nov 18, 2017

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by realahab

Loved this port most. Everything was closed New Year’s Day so we just wandered the pretty streets and talked to people. I did not have any trouble talking to folks so I am not sure what the other reviews are suggesting. Prices weren’t worse here than anywhere else. Take in the city. Take your time. Enjoy the atmosphere. Be polite and respectful and you will get it back double.

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