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Blessed with a non-stop breeze, neat little Oranjestad reflects the Dutch passion for cleanliness. Stroll the town's chic shops, venture out to see the wind-formed divi-divi trees, or visit an undersea garden of brilliant corals on a semi-submersible craft.

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Went ashore and rented our own jeep for the day. $150 paid for the three of us to do our own off roading tour of the island. We hit Baby Beach, the caves in the National Park, off-roaded to the Natural Pools and then headed to the ruins of the gold mill and to the California Lighthouse. Got back to the ship about an hour before departure. An excellent way to spend the day.


Aruba is a beautiful, desert like island with plenty of gorgeous coastline. We rented a private taxi that brought us all over the island (lighthouse, oldest church, wild donkeys, Casibari rock formations, and to Baby Beach which was absolutely gorgeous. Small, uncrowded and lagoon-like. The water at Baby Beach was crystal clear turquoise, warm and very shallow. You could walk out for a long, long time before it got deep. There is a restaurant/bar on the beach available for food and drinks. I wish we would have had longer to stay at this beach. It was gorgeous.

Visited: Mar 06, 2017

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