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By Sarah Bretz Updated Aug. 26, 2019

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Royal Caribbean completely overhauled their Bahamian private island in 2019. Not only were two water parks, a zip line, and more added, it emerged with a new name: Perfect Day at CocoCay. New attractions and experiences include the Thrill Waterpark, Splashaway Bay aqua park for kids, the Zip Line, Up, Up and Away helium balloon, Oasis Lagoon freshwater pool, and more. Perfect Day at CocoCay also includes new complimentary and for-fee dining venues, rounding out the island’s lunchtime offerings. If you still crave a laid-back beach day during your visit to the island, worry not — there are still plenty of beach chairs, seaside activities, and soft sand to do so. The Thrill Waterpark, Zip Line, and Up, Up & Away balloon are available for a charge, but nearly everything else on the island is included. In December 2019, the exclusive Coco Beach Club will debut on the far side of the island. Beach chairs and umbrellas are included in the club’s admissions charge, as well as complimentary dining at its upscale restaurant, The Grille at Coco Beach Club. To go all out, consider renting one of the club’s overwater cabanas, each featuring a hammock, shower, and slide into the sea.

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by Jeffrey0491

Been to CocoCay 5 times already. Once was before their full renovation and other 4 times after. It is honestly THE BEST!!! If you love to lounge by the pool, make sure you get off the ship early and head to the Lagoon Pool. I recommend getting the white lounge chairs on the side of the pool so when you’re tanning/relaxing you can barely feel the heat as you’re in the water as well. Unfortunately, after the hurricane the beach is still being cleaned up, but it is still very lovely. Have an open mind set when you’re at CocoCay, because there is something for everyone! The food is delicious! At the buffet there are MANY different options of food, very similar to Windjammers. (Hot dogs, burgers, tacos, nachos, panini sandwiches, etc). Also, not everyone knows about it, but the Snack Shake is also free and they have fresh burgers, chicken burgers, mozzarella sticks, funnel cakes, etc. My recommendation is getting funnel cake from the snack shake and walk to the buffet (1 minute walk) and add ice cream to it. Or you can just have them on it own. Very delicious! Note: their soft serve ice cream is like Costco’s soft serve, different than the ones on the ship. Thick, smooth and delicious!


by Brookeh1

So beautiful!! We were able to dock and the pool is open!! A lot of construction still but it looks like it is coming together. There was a straw market too with multiple vendors. I rented a bungalow. The moment you get on the ship, go to the excursion desk to pick yours out. They will give you a menu if you want food delivered. It was very nice. Bring a radio though for background noise so you don’t have to listen to the construction. With the bungalow, you get two beach mats and two loungers. There’s even a waiter that comes around to take drink orders! The only frozen drink though is the coco loco. There are jelly fish in the water so be careful, and the water is too shallow to go snorkeling on the bungalow side. There is snorkeling in a area by the pier. Bring your own snorkel. Love this place!


by amandablamb

Absolutely loved it. We split our time between South Beach & the Oasis Pool. Construction didn’t bother us a bit. The walk out was fun & we saw a lot of wildlife - many types of fish, a few stingrays, several conch & a small nurse shark. Lunch was delicious & we wished we had a few more hours on the island - had to be back on ship by 4:30.


by starlightmedic

I’m a red head and can’t stay in the sun very long, so we weren’t sure about visiting CoCo Cay’s perfect day but the cruise is what you make of it! We ventured out and had a wonderful time sitting a one of the bars listening to the entertainment and enjoying some beverages. Loved the built in games like chess and jenga on the tables! I would definitely recommend this Port no matter if you have kids or not, like water slides or not, etc! From our understanding they are adding more activities and longer stays here to add a firework show!


by wms1216

If you are looking for a relaxing peaceful experience highly recommend renting a beach bed. We rented one on Chill Island and it was amazing worth the price. It was a perfect day.

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