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Freeport/Lucaya is located on Grand Bahama Island and is the second largest city in the Bahamas. Freeport's many beaches offer you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually swim alongside dolphins! Freeport is truly a sports-lover's paradise; besides the scuba-diving, windsurfing, and fishing, Freeport boasts first-class golf courses!

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by chrisang14

This was a port we were unsure of. The reviews were not that great. So, since We did a little research before, we booked an excursion. We booked the See and Sea through Carnaval. It was a good tour. The ride from the port to the first stop was about 20 min. We first went to a national park and learned about the trees, plants, and animals on the island and how it is used by locals. Then we drove to the dock for a glass bottom boat tour - approx. 1 hour long. The boat was amazing ~ we got to see dolphins, lots of fish, huge sea turtles, and sharks. It was the best part of the tour. On the way back to port we learned a little more about the locals and islands. Overall, to get off the ship and learn a little history and cultural about the island and to see sharks all in 4 hours, totally worth it. You definitely need to do an excursion or take a taxi from the port, there are no beaches, just shops set up at the port and some food vendors. The island has its poor section and it’s very wealthy side to it. I have read reviews stating the island was run-down and I have to say it is like any other island I have traveled to. They have everything imported so it is more expensive for regular household items and gasoline. It has its poorer side and the fancy side, and the locals count on the ships tourism to survive. The people of Freeport that I met on my time on the island were great and friendly and it made me remember how lucky I am to have what I do.


by BoomerangTX

We had a great time at Freeport. I took my daughter on her first cruise and this was her first cruise port ever. There is a lot to do right off the ship, but there is also a bunch of stuff to do away from the port area. We did not take an excursion, but we walked around and explored and talked to people and hung out. We had lunch at Señor Frog’s(my daughter’s first conch fritters👍), my daughter got her hair braided, we did some shopping...all in all it was a great day.


by Joylove89

Everyone spoke about this being a bad port. It was our first cruise and I was just excited to be there. I did a bit of shopping and speaking to other visitor. It was great.


by KarlsenKruisers

Freeport has a beautiful little diamond hidden on this tiny island! When you get off the ship, hop a taxi and take a cruise across the island to Port Lucaya! There is lots of shopping to be done and the beaches are beautiful! It isn't a well know destination so it's secluded and not too heavily populated by tourists. I found it a few years ago when my whole family took a cruise. My brother and I sat down in a taxi and the driver, Bear, said "where would you like to go?" I replied with, "take me to your favorite spot on the island!" And he took us straight to Port Lucaya. He told us where to find a taxi when returning to port and we were set! A full day of fun without the hoards of people that we faced at other destinations! It was a blast!! I hope this helps but let keep this our little secret! 😉


by luvata11

We went to Freeport and it was all the way live on this island! I think the name of this place was count basie square stopped by senor frogs and got a margarita and there was plenty to shop from and many jerk/conch shacks and when no one was performing on stage, they would play music thru big speakers there was dancing even hair braiding and fun for all ages!

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